YouTube TV is offering specials

While I'm not a fan of year-round use of a live streaming service, I do believe that YouTube TV is one of the best of those type of services. It's really popular with those weaned away from cable, possibly because it works so much like a cable service. Lately, though, it's been offering some specials, and I wonder why. I'll speculate. But first, here are some of the specials they've been running.

Website Cord Cutters News reports that YouTube TV has been running a three-week trial period for new subscribers.

YouTube TV is giving away three week free trials from their Twitter page today. The streaming service asked followers to tag friends in response to a tweet and is sending out promo codes for new users.

If you don’t manage to score a three week trial from the party happening over on Twitter right now, YouTube TV is also offering a two week free trial for all new users, a week more than the regular 7 day free trial. The offer ends on June 15.

From the YouTube TV Website, you'll find an offer for $10 off for three months. It's still $55/month, but that is a decent savings from the regular $65/month price. And, that currently makes it cheaper than Hulu + Live TV and Fubo.

Why is YouTube TV running a couple of different specials right now? I don't know. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I wonder if it has anything to do with the loss of the Roku platform. After all, Roku is the most popular, most widely used streaming platform. Is the loss of Roku impacting YouTube TV? Maybe. Maybe not.

It could just be that YouTube TV is running specials that are unrelated to any impact for Roku. After all, if the thought they were being impacted to a great degree, they'd drop their demands and re-sign an agreement with Roku.

Perhaps if these special deals work, they'll get by without Roku just fine, and Roku may give in. Or, they may find it doesn't compensate enough to make the loss of Roku worthwhile, and YouTube TV will give in.

I really don't care one way or the other. I can get by just fine without YouTube TV. I'm getting by just fine, in fact. And, I have multiple streaming devices, so I can do without Roku just fine. However, I always prefer there be options, because competition helps foster innovation, and that's good for your Streaming Life.


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