One month in

Just over a month ago, this Website launched. I'm here to offer tips and thoughts about streaming to those that might want a perspective from someone who has been doing this for a bit.

No, I'm not arrogant enough to think you should ignore everyone else and listen to me, but I do think I have a decent amount of experience with streaming, and can help those that are new to streaming.

If you are new to streaming, or thinking about adding or moving entirely to streaming, I do think I can offer help or suggestions. Notice that in the sidebar is an "Ask a question" form. If you have a question, submit it and I'll follow up with you personally, and here on the Website. After all, if you have a question, someone else may have the same question. We can all help each other enjoy or Streaming Life by sharing our experiences. This is my little way to try to help.

Over the last five weeks, I've talked about some streaming devices, some streaming services, and some thoughts in general that relate to streaming. I've tried to share my thoughts and opinions about things, and do have my own prejudices for or against certain devices and services. For example, I'm a fan of Roku devices, and really don't like Amazon Fire TV devices. However, I recognize that there are many people who think Fire TV devices are the greatest thing since ordering sliced bread online. That's a valid opinion, of course, just not mine.

I generally try to take a positive approach to the items or topics about which I talk, but that's simply a reflection of me. Even things I don't like -- I just mentioned Fire TV devices, for example -- may still hold great value to others. I know people that absolutely love the TiVo Stream 4K device. I don't like it. However, I will not suggest you avoid it, just that you be aware of the issues I had and have with the device so you aren't caught off guard. It may be the device for you.

I've mentioned many many times that I don't use live streaming services, or at least not the paid ones. I find I can watch what I want, or what satisfies my wants when it comes to watching TV, without spending that amount of money. But, that's just my perspective. You may not understand how I can possibly find streaming fulfillment without such a service. Well, I can. And if you need such a service, then you need such a service, and I'll help if I can.

Am I accomplishing what I started out to do? I have no idea. If you're here and reading this, I invite you to look around at other posts here and see if the topics covered might be helpful. If you are helped by any of this, then yes, I'm accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish. If not, then no, I'm not doing what I wanted. I just need to get better. But then, don't we all?


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