Sunday, June 27, 2021

Keeping Flex

Earlier this month, I talked about Xfinity Flex. It's a decent first streaming device, particularly for an Xfinity cable customer who is switching to streaming. For those customers, it will make the transition very smooth. For experienced streamers, or really anyone who has streamed for any period of time, it's an okay device, but nothing more than okay.

If you get Xfinity Flex service on your account, the Flex device is included, and you get all the benefits, including free Peacock Premium service.

The thing is, Xfinity/Comcast expects you to actually use the Flex device. And that makes sense. If you aren't going to use it, return it and let someone else use it. In fact, I got a couple of emails about my not using the box, and Xfinity/Comcast saying they wanted it back.

Thank you for trying Xfinity Flex

Flex box serial number: XX0000XX0000*

This is just a reminder that it's been a while since you’ve used Xfinity Flex. If streaming with Flex isn't for you, please return your equipment using one of these free and easy options:

  • Drop off your equipment at your local Xfinity Store
  • Schedule a free and contactless at-home UPS pickup at

We're always adding to our entertainment library

Before you return Xfinity Flex, you may want to explore the new streaming apps and entertainment we've recently added, including Disney+, Paramount+, and ESPN+. And don't forget, Peacock Premium comes included with Flex at no additional cost.

If you have any questions, visit the Xfinity app. If you've already returned your equipment, please disregard this message.

As always, thank you for being an Xfinity customer.

So, this past week, I drove to the nearest Xfinity office to return the device. Everything went smooth, until right at the end, I asked a question.

"Um, by the way, even with turning this in, I'll still get Peacock Premium right?"

The nice customer service people froze. They looked at each other, then at the manager, before one said "Hold up on taking that device off the account."

They conferred for a minute, then said, "If you want to keep that, you'll need to keep the box. If we take the box off your account, you'll lose Flex."

"I want the box."

Then, to the trainee that was working on my account, "You need to cancel that."

So, to keep Peacock Premium for free, I have to keep a streaming device that I don't really use. And that's okay. I have a shelf that will house it just fine. It's already back in the box, so it'll be easy to just put it on a shelf somewhere.

If there was no streaming service benefit, yes I would certainly have returned the device. But, even though $4.99/month is a good price for a streaming service such as Peacock Premium, free is even a better price. So, I have a device I don't want, and that they don't want me to have. But I'm keeping it.

My Steaming Life should not be this complicated.

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