Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Walmart Onn Streaming Stick released

Walmart has finally released a new Onn Streaming Stick. They are calling it "onn Google TV Full HD Streaming Device (NEW, 2023)" which kinda explains it all.

There was word back in July that Walmart would release a new streaming stick. That rumor came a few weeks after the retailer released a new streaming box. Now it's no longer a rumor, but a fact.

The box was a huge improvement over the previous box from two years earlier. I'm hoping the stick will be a good upgrade as well.

I will be getting one to test. Whether or not I'll use it regularly, I don't know. I have a perfectly good Roku, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, and Chromecast 4K. I have more streaming devices than I have TVs. But, since it's under $20, I'll give it a shot.

My Streaming Life usually involves higher tier devices. I'll try the cheap ones, but have found that the more expensive ones often perform better. Not always, but usually. The Walmart Onn stick might be something worth using more than once. It may be a great little stocking stuffer. Who knows?

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