Sunday, November 26, 2023

Why I stopped using CCleaner years ago

There is a computer optimization program called CCleaner. A lot of people swear by it. Lately, they should be swearing at it, not by it.

CCleaner is a bad idea. If you have been using it, you should watch this video. Ff your family/friend computer expert uses it on your computer, or recommends you use it on your computer, have your expert watch this video.


Keep in mind that your local expert may reject the video. Some egos can't handle finding out they were wrong. What they don't think about is that CCleaner, and other utilities, change over time and sometimes they get worse. This is what has happened here. CCleaner keeps having problems, and they are major problems.

My Streaming Life rarely uses my computer, and when I do, it's rarely a Windows computer. Beyond streaming, if you use Windows, be aware that this utility has major issues.

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