Sunday, November 12, 2023

New issues with new TV technology

Remember a few years ago when all TV stations went digital? (Okay, not all did, but so many did that it's easier to say that 'all did' go digital.)

Well, something similar will happen again one day, maybe sooner than we realize. And, there are issues that could impact your ability to watch free over the air TV.

Let's let Tyler the Antenna Man explain:


This could be a major problem. I don't really expect it to be that, though. Well, okay, there are enough people making the rules that don't really care what you or I think, so this new technology may not be a good thing.

My Streaming Life has used antennae to expland my live TV (and on-demand, via DVR) watching. I really want the technology to work for me, not help line someone else's pocket.

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