Friday, November 17, 2023

Nvidia Shield again, but wait ...

It was a year and a half ago that I got an Nvidia Shield device. Things happened, and I never finished testing it. I kinda liked what I saw during the brief time I used it, but like I said, things happened.

I want to test the Nvidia Shield as a primary streaming device, and put some serious time into it. I've been using Chromecast with Google TV, and actually like it. But, I think I'm done testing it. But, before going back to Roku, I want to finish my Nvidia Shield testing.

Well, I hooked it up, ran updates, and sat down to use it. Well, what I saw was unexpected. I really expected things to look pretty much like Chromecast. They didn't.

What I've run into is that Android TV and Google TV aren't the same thing. Google TV was -- was, mind you -- a platform. Android TV replaced it. Then Google decided to update the interface. The updated interface is called Google TV. Confusing? Yeah. That's Google for you.

Anyway, it was unexpected. Two days later, the interface had changed. Not the same as what Chromecast uses, but closer. Maybe it'll change again. This is gonna take a while.

My Streaming Life uses four major platforms: Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android/Google TV. They all work well, but the devices can make a big difference. I am putting more time and effort into the Nvidia Shield. I have to. I hate to think I spent all that money for nothing.

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