Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Streaming service loyalty

A recent study from Parks Associates says that streaming customers are sticking with Netflix and Prime Video. It also indicates that the service most likely to be dropped is Peacock.

Of course, the results of the study don't match up with me, but then perhaps I'm not average. I don't know if I'm above average (I would like to think so) or below average (others probably think so) or just different (everybody thinks so).

The full study is available for purchase, and I didn't purchase. I did see write-ups from The Desk and from Cord Cutters News, so what I'm writing about now is based on those articles. As they pretty much agree, I'm going to assume the reports are accurate in summing the results of the study.

The streaming services mentioned are all service to which I have subscribed.

The retention durations reflect the established status of each service in the consumer landscape. Despite challenges such as price increases and password-sharing crackdowns, Netflix thrives, fueled by its extensive content library. Prime Video, bundled with the Prime subscription, maintains a low turnover, but the introduction of commercials next year may impact subscriber behavior.

Hulu secures the third position in subscriber loyalty, with a notable drop in retention for the subsequent tier, featuring Starz, Paramount Plus, and Disney Plus in fourth, fifth, and sixth places, respectively. Max and Apple TV Plus follow closely, marking another drop in retention before reaching the bottom tier, occupied by Peacock.

Of those, I would have to admit that I've been with Prime Video ever since there was a Prime Video. You see, I have been a subscriber to Amazon Prime for many years, before Prime Video was ever a thing. As I've continued to subscribe, but for the other benefits, not for Prime Video. If I could get Amazon Prime without Prime Video, I would, and drop Prime Video. So, I'm not a loyal subscriber to Prime Video.

Netflix is a service I dropped years ago as well. Yes, I've subscribed for a month at a time a few times to watch MST3K when new seasons dropped, and to test they new pricing tier, so I could talk about it with experience. Otherwise, I don't watch it. It's not worth the cost to me.

I've been with Hulu from the time it was free (yes, it once was free). I will put the subscription on hold for periods of time when seasons of favorite shows end, but I don't cancel and return. I don't pay year-round, but I do stick with them overall. Half loyal, maybe.

Starz? I have subscribed, but only when there is a really low price and only for a short period. Not loyal.

Paramount Plus? I get it with Walmart Plus, but I would likely subscribe to it. Half loyal, perhaps.

Disney Plus? Not really loyal. It's only $2/month if it's bundled with Hulu, so maybe loyal. I include it in rotation, but not full time. I would not pay full price for it. Not loyal.

Max? If they offer a great price, which they do from time to time, I may include it in my rotation. Otherwise, no. Not loyal.

Apple TV Plus? When it comes with another purchase, I'll use the service. I won't pay for it. Not loyal.

Peacock? It comes with Xfinity rewards. I don't personally use it, but a family member likes it, so if I didn't get it free, I would subscribe for her, but not for me. Half loyal.

None of them are services to which I am loyal. Yes, Amazon gets my money, but not for the Prime Video. Like Paramount Plus and Peacock, it comes with another service, and I would likely not use it by itself. Only Hulu is one that I would pay for by itself, and then only part time. However, for more than any of the others. I watch it the most, and if I had to pick one, it would be Hulu.

AMC Plus was not listed, but I would put it in the same category as Starz. If there is a really really low price, which there is from time to time, I'll subscribe and add it to my rotation.

There is one service to which I am loyal that was not listed. I've subscribed to Frndly TV since it launched. I don't watch it that much, but I like to have it there. It's good, family friendly content.

My Streaming Life isn't much like the average, as determined by the study. But yours probably isn't either. After all, it's yours, just as mine is mine. It's individual, and how we want to do it. That's one of the major reasons I enjoy streaming television. It's what I want to watch, not what someone spoon feeds me.

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