Friday, November 3, 2023

More ads on Fire TV?

Good news everyone! Amazon is giving you more ads on your Fire TV screens! Huzzah!

This is where I have to tell a certain group of people that I am being sarcastic here. You knew though, didn't you.

Yes, Amazon thinks more ads are a good thing for you. Hang on. Let me try that again: Amazon thinks more ads are a good thing for you them. That's better.

Ad Exchanger has the details:

... starting on Wednesday, Amazon will begin making [the Fire TV home screen] available to any type of advertiser so all brands have an opportunity to get in front of viewers before they’re sucked into an ad-free show, said Charlotte Maines, director of Fire TV advertising, monetization and engagement.

So, maybe it's not that you'll see more screen area taken up with ads, just more and different types of ads.

My Streaming Life includes a lot of ad-supported content. This is intended to reach those that pay to get rid of ads, by showing them ads anyway. Just more ads. More ads for everyone.

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