Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The good news for Dish is they lost 60,000 subscribers

You would think that losing 60,000 subscribers in a quarter would not be good news. But, in the crazy world of streaming, it is good news.

Well, the losing subscribers part isn't good. But the details for streaming are actually pretty good.

Sling TV, which is owned by Dish, gained 117,000 subscribers in the 3rd quarter. The bad news for the company is that their satellite service lost 181,000 subscribers, giving the company an overall loss.

The upside is that streaming is picking up, after larger losses in the 2nd quarter. The streaming market is growing, and the satellite market is shrinking. The satellite market is still around three times the size of the streaming market, insofar as Dish services are concerned, but the trend is to streaming.

I've never had a satellite TV service, so I can't say what the experience is like, but I've been at places where they do have it. It's pretty much like cable. And I dropped cable in January 2011, so I'm a little rusty on that.

My Streaming Life totally removed the need for cable or satellite. More and more people seem to be finding this to be the case.

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