Monday, November 20, 2023

Motorola modems going away?

There is a report that the manufacturer of Motorola modems may be closing down. Or may have already closed down.

Light Reading reports that Minim, the company that makes the Motorola branded modems, is in serious financial trouble, having laid off a large number of staff, and having reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it was in danger of shutting down.

Minim, which sells Motorola-branded cable modems and gateways at retail alongside a software-powered home network management platform, laid off about 78% of its staff in September amid a severe cash crunch.

It's not clear what's next for the Manchester, New Hampshire-based supplier, but its website is down as of this writing. Minim's phones are still ringing (though no one is answering), and its products are still being sold online at outlets such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and via a section dedicated to cable modems at

In recent weeks, Minim has alerted the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that there's "substantial doubt" that the company can go on without an influx of fresh capital.

This is disappointing to me. When I first cut the cord, I did so to save money. When I continued to look for more ways to save money, I discovered that I could provide my own modem, which while an upfront expense, would save money in the long run. I bought a Motorola modem. It served well, and I'm not sure why I replaced it. Probably went out of date due to technological changes. And the replacement was not a Motorola.

My Streaming Life utilized Motorola modems early on. I'll be sad to see them come off the market, if all this goes as it looks like it's going.

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