Sunday, October 23, 2022

Privacy phone, part 8: Testing impacted

A while back, I decided to test three different privacy phone setups. I later added a fourth to the mix, but have ruled that fourth one out. I left it out initially for a reason, then rethought things. After a bit, I came to realize that I was right to omit to initially.

So, I'm down to three, right?

No, I ruled out the first one I tried pretty quickly. The Pine 64 phone running Linux is a no-go. It's just not user friendly. Whether or not it's the hardware or the software, the net result is an experience similar to that of the BlackBerry 10. If you don't remember that, you are a fortunate soul indeed. It was awful. And the Linux phone experience has been awful. So this one is a no-go.

I tried a Teracube 2e running /e/OS. I liked it.

I tried a Google Pixel 4a running Lineage OS. I liked it.

In fact, I've been using the Google Pixel running Lineage as my primary phone for a while. So much so that if I stopped carrying it, I'd feel wrong. Which means I've not had the opportunity to go back to the Teracube 2e.

If I could simply pop out the SIM card from the Pixel phone and put it in the Teracube, I would. But there are issues with the Teracube running that SIM. Not sure if it's the carrier (I think it might be) or the phone (I also think it might be).

The net result is that the Teracube isn't getting any use right now. I'd really like to use it. The interface is good, I like the phone, but I don't like the issues with using certain carriers. The Google Pixel has no carrier issues. So, Pixel will probably win.

The only reason I'm not declaring Pixel running Lineage OS as the winner is because I really want to use the Teracube /e/OS device some more. And I'll get around to that. Some time.

For now, I think my phone going forward will be the Pixel running Lineage OS. I'm almost certain of it.

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