Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Antenna can use cable/satellite wiring

If you have or had cable/satellite wiring, and you want to put up an antenna, you have most of the battle already won. You see, the cable used by satellite or cable systems works just fine with a TV antenna.

All you really have to do is connect the antenna to the existing cable running through your house, and you now have TV antenna available where the cable runs.

There is one potential issue if you had cable TV. I had this issue, but it was easy enough to work around.

If your cable company will still be your Internet Service Provider (ISP) then they will still need part of the cable for their signal, and you can't use that. Well, you can, but it can cause problems. You don't want that.

In my situation, there was cable running to four TV outlets throughout the house. The cable company was the ISP, so they needed cable for their setup. Only one of those was needed for the Internet connection, meaning the other three were available for antenna signal.

The cable guy had left all four connected, meaning their signal was to each of the rooms. So, I had to ensure the other three were not connected via a splitter to the one for cable, and replaced the four-way splitter with a three-way splitter. (I bought a good quality one; don't skimp on this.) Then, I left their cable running to the single outlet, and connected the antenna to the splitter and had TV antenna signal in the other three rooms.

Now, I didn't keep that setup long term. I later bought a Tablo network connected device and used that to put the TV signal on the wireless network, allowing me to pick up the TV signal anywhere in the house.

If using Tablo, Air TV, or some similar setup is possible, I have been really happy with mine, and suggest something like that. But, if you're looking for a cheaper way (Table and Air TV have an initial setup expense) then reusing the cable for your TV antenna signal is a very cost-effective way of adding over the air TV to your Streaming Life.

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