Tuesday, October 25, 2022

More price increases: Apple TV+

More price increases make the news. This time, it's Apple's service, Apple TV+, which is going up.

While it's not a large amount that it's going up, it is a large percentage that it is going up.

Previously, Apple TV+ was $5/month. It's now $7/month. You might think that a $2/month increase isn't that much, and it's not. $2/month is not really all that much. But, considering the total monthly cost was only $5, that makes it a 40% increase! That's quite the price hike, when you look at it like that.

And, for Apple subscribers, it's more than Apple TV+ that's going up. Nearly all major subscriptions are increasing, according to 9to5 Mac:

This translates to increases of $1 to $2 per service, with Apple One tiers going up about $3 at the same time. Here’s the full pricing breakdown for the United States:

Apple Music

  • Individual: $10.99 per month (from $9.99)
  • Family: $16.99 per month (from $14.99)
  • Individual Annual: $109 per year (from $99)

Apple TV+

  • Monthly: $6.99 per month (from $4.99)
  • Annual: $69 per year (from $49.99)

Apple One

  • Individual: $16.95 per month (from $14.95)
  • Family: $22.95 per month (from $19.95)
  • Premier: $32.95 per month (from $29.95)

If you are in an International market, you should also expect to see proportionally similar price increases go into effect beginning today. Current subscribers will receive notifications of the planned price increases 30 days prior to the service renewing at the higher price.

What will be the next price increase to impact your Streaming Life? I'm worried it won't be all that long before we find out.

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