Friday, October 14, 2022

Paramount+ and Fire TV Stick offer

It's only going on for a short period of time, but for the next couple of days, Paramount+ is offering a deal on either plan that includes an Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite.

Here are the details:

If you visit the offer page, you have the option to get the Essentials plan (with ads, and no local CBS) or the Premium plan (no ads, with local CBS) for 1/2 price. Plus, you get an Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite.

That means a year of Essentials for $25, or a year of Premium for $50. And a Fire TV Stick Lite. That's a pretty good deal.

Now, I'm one that only subscribes to services on occasion. I don't normally do a year service. But this is a pretty darn good deal. During the year, I would subscribe to Paramount+ a couple of time, costing $20-$30 during the year, since I would choose the Premium plan (local CBS).

That's close enough to think about it. I don't know if I will take the deal, as I don't watch it year round, but if you are someone that would subscribe five months within a year, it is certainly a great deal.

As for the Fire TV Stick Lite, I'm not a fan of that device. It's under-powered and I would just be frustrated with it. But I'm used to much more powerful devices. If I was just beginning to stream, this is a great way to start.

The Fire TV Stick Lite is fine for a beginner who hasn't used a more powerful device. When they upgrade later, they'll be thrilled with the newer device. And, in the meantime, they'll get a year of Paramount+.

This is a great way to start your Streaming Life. And it's a pretty darn good way to continue it.

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