Monday, October 17, 2022

Just givin' some love to Pub-D-Hub

I've talked about the streaming app Pub-D-Hub a time or two before. I don't bring it up a lot. Not many people do. But it is one of the apps I've used nearly as long as any other, except Hulu.

While it's been free since it launched -- I'm not sure when it launched, but I've watched it for nearly 10 years -- I've been a paid subscriber for many years.

The free service has enough to enjoy, so it's not necessary to subscribe, but there is additional content available to subscribers. Additionally, even if there was no additionally content, I appreciate the content that is offered, and don't mind showing some support. After all, it's less than $5/year to upgrade to a paid account. And yes, that's $5/year, not a month.

In recent years, they increased their traditional lineup of on-demand public domain movies and TV shows, as well as commercials and short films, with live streaming channels.

The selection isn't quite that of Pluto TV, Xumo, Tubi, Roku Channel, or others, but it's still a good selection of live streaming channels, 352 in all.

If you've not checked out Pub-D-Hub, give it a look. It's free. And, if you are already using the free service, consider upgrading for $5/year. It's definitely worth it. It's something I've had in my Streaming Life for years, and expect to have it for years to come.

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