Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Rotating subscriptions

I've mentioned before that I rotate subscriptions for streaming services. If you're not familiar with what I'm talking about, I have talked about it in detail before, but here it is briefly.

I subscribe to the top 11 streaming services, but I don't subscribe to them all at the same time. Here are the services:

  • Netflix ($15/month; $10, $15, or $20 depending on tier)
  • HBO Max ($15/month; there is a $10/month package)
  • Disney+ ($8/month)
  • Paramount+ ($10/month)
  • Discovery+ ($5/month)
  • Apple TV+ ($5/month)
  • Hulu ($7/month)
  • Prime Video ($9/month; $12/month package includes shipping benefits)
  • Peacock TV ($5/month; there is a free tier that has about half content, and a $10 ad-free tier)
  • AMC+ ($7/month)
  • Starz ($9/month)

This month, for instance, I'm subscribing to HBO Max. I just canceled Paramount+, which was last month's service. And at the end of the current subscription, I'll cancel HBO Max and subscribe to something else.

I'll do this every month, subscribing to a single service and watching the content on that service. Sometimes I'll bundle services, such as Disney+ and Hulu, or Paramount+ and Showtime (not on the list) since the pricing is pretty good for those bundles.

Over a year, I'll be able to watch everything I want to watch from all of the services, but only pay for around $15 or less each month.

Now, I actually have Prime Video year-round, since I use Amazon's shipping benefits and other stuff. I actually don't watch that much Prime Video content. I've subscribed to Amazon Prime since before Prime Video existed. I'll decide in January if I'll renew for another year.

Also, Peacock TV is free for me, as I am an Xfinity Internet subscriber, and the service is included. But, again, it's a service I rarely use.

I'm not the only one that rotates services, by the way. Tom's Guide had an article recently about which services to cancel this month. It's not quite as extreme as my way of doing it, but I save more money, and that's my goal.

And if your goal in your Streaming Life is to save money, consider the method I'm using. Or, if that's too drastic, look at the article on Tom's Guide and consider their suggestions.

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