Monday, October 31, 2022

Other top Hallowe'en movies

The other day, I offered my suggestion for a movie to watch for Hallowe'en. I stand by my suggestion of Nosferatu. I included both a link to buy or rent the film, plus I embedded a YouTube video of it so you could watch as much as you wanted, or all of it, and decide if you wanted to get your own copy. And while I still suggest it as a movie to add to your collection, it may not be for everybody.

There are plenty of other movies that others suggest. So, with today being actually Hallowe'en, I'm going to list a few, based on several different lists of top Hallowe'en movies. These are ones that are common to all the lists, or at least ones that I agree with.

Note that I may not agree with them all. You got my suggestion the other day. I'm not saying I disagree with these, just that these are the ones that others suggest. All of these movies listed come from lists others have done. Some are in all the lists, some are only in one. But, they are all movies that someone recommends.

I've seen them all, and I agree that they are worthy of a list of movies to watch for Hallowe'en. They cover a wide variety, from kids movies to classic horror, to out and out scary.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but if you haven't seen them, give them a shot. As I said, I have seen them all. In face, I own them all. And I think they are all worthy of including as part of your Streaming Life.

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