Saturday, March 5, 2022

NBC leaving Hulu? Maybe.

There is a report that NBCUniversal will be pulling at least some of its content from Hulu this fall. Why would they do that? Well, there is that little streaming service that NBCU owns called Peacock. At least, that's the word from The Hollywood Reporter.

Starting this fall, new episodes of NBCU shows like Saturday Night Live, The Voice and American Auto will no longer be available to stream on Hulu the day after they air. Hulu will still have access to other NBCU shows like Law & Order: SVU, This Is Us, The Mindy Project, 30 Rock, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights and Will & Grace.

So, if the report is accurate, only some content is leaving. At least, initially. And it's stuff I don't watch anyway, so it really won't impact me, at least at first. But it will impact others.

I'm really not surprised to see this, but I understand why NBC hasn't pulled its content yet, and isn't pulling everything.

Hulu was originally a joint project by NBC, ABC, and Fox. They were separate companies then, and each owned a third of Hulu. Now, Disney owns both ABC and Fox, leaving NBC as a minority owner.

I've always liked Hulu. Well, kinda. When it started, it was a free service only available via a Web browser. They launched a pay service called Hulu Plus, and the library was split across the two services. If a show was on Hulu, it wasn't on Hulu Plus. And if a show was on Hulu Plus, it wasn't on Hulu.

After a while, that stopped being the case and Hulu Plus was rebranded as simply Hulu. Oh, and the free part of the free Web service went away. The entire service became a pay service.

They added live TV a few years ago, bringing back the "plus" name somewhat, calling the service Hulu+Live TV.

As I said, I'm not surprised by the move, and I really would rather they not do that, but I understand they want to promote their own service, and I'm glad they're not taking everything. And, it looks like they'll still have older content available.

I new the day was coming, and while the day is still in the future, I now know approximately when it will happen. This change is my Streaming Life won't be welcome, but I'll live.

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