Friday, March 8, 2024

When am I getting my new Google TV home screen? Now.

A couple of days ago, I asked when I would be getting the new Google TV home screen.

I have my answer: now.

Yesterday, when I turned the TV on after getting home from work, I noticed the home screen on my Onn Streaming Box looked different. It took me a minute before I realized it was the new update.

I was happy, and surprised, to see it. I had settled on expecting it in a month or so. The day or so update was very unexpected.

So, what is it like? Well, let's look at it.

Note that the image isn't from my TV. But this example image is an accurate representation of what it looks like.

First, the obvious. The round icons allow for more to show on the home screen. I have 18 apps installed on one device, and now all 18 show on the home screen. From the looks of things, all apps show as I don't see an option to see all, as the older home screen had.

Next, there is a "Free TV Channels" app. This isn't the same thing as the Live item in the top menu on the Google TV Home Screen. It is a live TV section, but the layout is not like the channel guide you get on Live TV. It's simply a live streaming channel, with select other "now playing" items listed. It doesn't have everything. You can get more live TV channels from the Live TV menu tab.

Finally, it seemed a little sluggish. Now, I have to admin that it could the the Onn Streaming Box, which is the only device I tried last night. Maybe after I look at it on Chromecast, I'll have better info. For now, the update seems to have caused my Onn Streaming Box to run like the original Onn Box (and that's bad). I hope it was simplty a one-night glitch, and not how things are going forward.

My Streaming Life has involved Chromecast in all its forms since it launched. And I like the idea of the Google TV updates. I don't like how my Onn Streaming Box is responding. Mabye it'll be better tomorrow. I certainly hope so.

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