Sunday, March 24, 2024

Google Docs

First, understand that I do have my issues with Google. Of course, I have my issues with Microsoft, Apple, and most every large technology company. Since they all have issues, I deal with them as best as I can, and use the features that I like the best, provided the irritation isn't too much.

I've used Microsoft Word for many years, but have grown tired of how much it cost over time. In recent years, I've used Open Office, LibreOffice, and Only Office apps, but I've also used Google Docs. And that's the topic of the video I want to share today, from Explaining Computers:


Yes, I understand the issues with relying on Google, because of privacy issues. But, it's cheaper than Microsoft Word, and Microsoft 365 is no better, and im my opion, worse in regards to privacy, and definitely worse in regards of security.

My Streaming Life involves using several Google services in the creation of this blog. And while I do have some concerns about Google, they're not the worst of the lot. And there is some benefit from them.

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