Thursday, March 7, 2024

An update to Chromecast?

Google Chromecast has been around for over a decade. Of course, at first, it was simple for casting from a mobile device to a TV with the first release in 2013. It wasn't until seven years later that it really became a general purpose streaming device.

Chromecast with Google TV added a remote and a Google TV interface to Android TV and suddenly Chromecast was the real deal. Well, mostly. It was a little under-powered and wasn't as efficient in how it handled apps.

In 2022, a new Chromecast was released, but it wasn't an upgrade. It was an expansion of the line, adding a cheaper HD (1080) device to go along with the 4K/UHD device that was the 2020 version.

Now, word is a new Chromecast is coming.

In recent updates to the Google Home app, the company has introduced a handful of previously unseen models to the internal list of Google Cast-compatible devices. Three new listings are explicitly labeled as being last year’s line of JBL Authentics speakers.

However, a new mystery device, “YTD,” appears side-by-side the HD and 4K models of Chromecast with Google TV. Further, we can confirm that Google Home treats YTD just like the existing Chromecast models, while Google TV devices from OEMs get treated differently. All of that is to say that we’re fairly confident that this is a sign of Google preparing to launch a new TV dongle.

This is the second new Chromecast-likely device discovered in the past year. No new release happened, and it's not known with any certainty if two new Chromecast devices are coming, or if the one found last year is replaced by the one recently discovered.

I would like to see a more powerful Chromecast device released. The current device is okay. Well, better than okay, but not as good as it could be.

My Streaming Life has used Chromecast and other Google TV devices more recently, and I'm happy with it. A better device would be a great thing.

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