Sunday, March 17, 2024

Project Grandson

Lately, I've been working with one of my grandsons on Raspberry Pi projects.

A while back, he heard about the Raspberry Pi and asked me a bunch of questions. After several conversations and discussion, he said he wanted a Raspberry Pi to do products. So, I got him one.

It went used for a bit -- it seems that things go this way with grandchildren a lot -- because he didn't really have a place to do projects, but that changed recently. He had a workspace and can do his projects in his room.

The first project was simply putting together a computer. I got him a keyboard and mouse (official Raspberry Pi versions, though any will work), and a monitor, then we set to work.

He did all the work himself. I was with him, explaining things, but he did the actual work. I put none of the parts of the kit together. I would pick the various piece up and show him, and he'd ask questions, as most 8 year old children will, but he did the actual physical labor.

The first session ended with his  putting together a Raspberry Pi personal computer. So now he has a computer in his room, and is excited about that.

He's young enough that he's not bothered by it nor running Windows, Mac, or ChromeOS, which are the operating systems he's familiar with, from family members. The Raspberry Pi OS (nee Raspbian) is a version of Linux based on Debian, one of the most popular Linux distribution.

On the next session, he learn about sending commands from one device to another. He was fascinated. Next is learning certain programming commands (Python programming language).

It's going to be a fun, exciting, and rewarding learning experience for both of us. My Streaming Life takes a back seat to more important things. This will be fun, and important.

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