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How often should you replace your streaming device?

Recently, Tablo Blog had a Q&A where they answered a question about the life of a streaming device. The answer they gave is pretty much on target.

Here was the question:

Our smart TV is only five years old, but it seems to be quite slow compared to the newer Fire TV stick we use on our "dumb TV" in the basement. Do I need to replace my TVs more often now that they're "smart?"

Of course, the answer is no. But Tablo did a good job in explaining why:

In general, you should plan to replace your streaming TV devices every 5 years. This will ensure that your streaming sticks and boxes get regular updates and have enough memory and horsepower to run your favorite streaming TV apps, including Tablo.

However, when it comes to smart TVs, there’s no need to spend several hundred dollars or more and create that much e-waste just to enjoy a more responsive streaming experience.

Instead of tossing your entire smart TV, it’s much easier and more affordable to pick up a top-of-the-line Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV streaming stick or box and connect it to the HDMI port on your older smart TV.

This will allow you to bypass the built-in smarts on your TV and use the younger, faster 'brain' of the streaming device. It doesn’t even have to be the same platform! If you have a Roku smart TV you can use a Chromecast with Google TV, or if you have an Amazon Fire smart TV you can use a Roku.

I would add Apple TV to the mix as well. And I've run into this situation myself. I used a family member's old Roku TV for a period of time, and it was extremely sluggish. I added a Roku Stick and just used it. Essentially, I used the Roku TV as a TV only, and put a Roku on it.

I have Roku and Fire TV devices on a Sony Google TV. That's not necessary, but it's just what I do. I think everyone should find a platform they like and put that on every TV. For example, if someone likes Roku, and have a Roku TV in the living room, but a Fire TV television in the bedroom, I would always suggest they add a Roku to the Fire TV device. That way, they have a consistent experience in every room.

No, that's not necessary, but is is a good idea to me.

My Streaming Life has used several platforms over the years. I've replaced devices on average of about 5 years, except for Fire TV. They usually don't last that long. But, in general, plan to replace it every five years.

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