Thursday, March 14, 2024

Definitely more Chromecast

Nearly six months ago, three weeks into September 2023, I wrote that I was going to use more Chromecast. What I said was:

I've used all four of the major platforms, and like Roku best overall. However, some family members seem to really like Fire TV. Lately, I've used more Fire TV, but still stick with Roku when it's just me watching TV.

This has come at the expense of my familiarity with Android/Google TV and Apple TV. I'm not comfortable with that. Beginning this weekend, I'm going to start using more Android/Google TV. Chromecast will be the the primary device I use. I have Chromecast attached to all my TVs already, so it'll be a matter of setting out the Chromecast remote in place of the Roku remote.

It's now 25 weeks later, and I have used more Chromecast. I mean, I have really used more Chromecast.

Actually, I've used more than just Chromecast. I've use Walmart's Onn Streaming Box, as well as the Onn Streaming Stick, I've used the NVIDIA Shield, in addition to Chromecast.

The Walmart Onn devices and the Chromecast have the Google TV interface. The NVIDIA Shield device is Android TV, but doesn't have the Google TV interface. Similar, but not quite the same.

I said I would focus on those "for the next month or so." It's been a lot longer than that. I've used other devices, including my beloved Roku, but I have used the Google TV devices, primarily the Chromecast, as my main device.

My Streaming Life began with Roku, and it's been a part of it ever since. But I've rarely used it in the last six months. I kinda miss it. But I'm still liking Google TV in all its forms.

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