Thursday, March 21, 2024

Roku rules

A recent survey reveals that Roku is still king of the streaming devices, and by a pretty hefty margin.

Cord Cutters News says that Roku accounts for 62% of all devices streamers use:

In our survey, we asked our readers to list all the devices they use to stream their content. (Adding the numbers up won’t add up to 100%, as many people use multiple types of devices.) According to our readers, 62% use a Roku, 36% use a smart TV, and 32% use a Fire TV.

In fourth place were laptops and PCs at 25%. In fifth place was the Apple TV with 20% of the market, and in sixth place was Chromecast—all versions—at 15%.

The biggest loser were gaming systems. Only 4.7% of cord cutters use a gaming system to stream their favorite shows. This is down from 10.5% in 2019.

My Streaming Life has used Roku since 2010. A lot of upgrades and improvements to Roku have happened since then, and this survey indicates the improvements have helped Roku keep its lead.

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