Saturday, March 23, 2024

So, $40 for the new sports only streaming service?

Rumors are that the new streaming service from ESPN, Fox, and Warner Discovery will run around $40/month.

That's a lot of money, in my opinion. But where are those rumors coming from. Well, USA Today reports the expectation is around $40, if not more:

... [former Fox Sports Networks president Bob] Thompson predicted it could cost more than $40 per month.

The math would have work for three companies that are paying huge fees to sports leagues for the rights to show this content. For example, ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS and Amazon are scheduled to pay the NFL more than $100 billion combined through 2033 for rights to broadcast NFL games on their networks.

It would also have to take into account how the introduction of this streaming service will spur more viewers to ditch cable television – which has been a huge source of revenue for companies such as ESPN, the most expensive channel on cable television.

Variety says it could run more than $40:

But if you add up the distribution fees for ABC, Fox, ESPN and the other cable networks, it suggests the bundle will have to carry a retail price of at least $50 per month, according to Morgan Stanley’s Ben Swinburne.

Will I pay that much? Probably not, especially since Sling TV includes ESPN and is $40.

Whatever happens, I wouldn't use it year round. I only subscribe to a sports package during college football season, and even then, it's not continuous. I'll subscribe on a Saturday for 30 days, which covers 5 Saturdays. I'll cancel, and save the days in between, subscribing the following Saturday for another 30 days. Three times covers 15 weekends, which is the full season. Once more covers bowls, and then I'm done until the next season.

I may try it when it comes out, but not until college football season. My Streaming Life doesn't include year round sports. It certainly doesn't need a sports service that expensive.

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