Tuesday, July 26, 2022

NFL+: A streaming service that is not for streamers

The NFL finally launched NFL+ this week, and, as I feared, it isn't really a service for streamers. However, it is something that fans can otherwise use.

Now, when I say "not for streamers," I mean streamers will not be able to watch some of the content that is available for non-streamers. You'll be able to watch games on your mobile device that you won't be able to watch on your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android/Google TV devices.

Here is what the service offers, according to the NFL:

NFL+ offers access to live out-of-market preseason games across all devices, live local and primetime regular season and postseason games on mobile devices, live local and national audio for every game, NFL Network shows on-demand, NFL Films archives and more.

Notice that the only live games that will be available on all devices, which means your streaming device, are out-of-market pre-season games. No regular season games will be available on your streaming device, regardless of market.

Back in May, we worried that this would be the case. Our worries were well founded. You won't be able to watch other live content on your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android/Google TV devices.

Looking at the bright side, it is more than existed before. So there's that. But is it really an improvement to your Streaming Life. Not much of one, that's for sure.

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