Thursday, April 28, 2022

Side effects include Linux

Recently, I had some projects involving Raspberry Pi devices. I built a streaming device running a version of Android TV. It worked pretty well on one of my Raspberry Pi devices. A newer one has a firmware update that isn't compatible, so I'm limited to the older version, but it works.

I also build a Plex server for streaming local content at a location I manage. It works well. So well that I'm planning to replace a Windows Plex server I manage with a Raspberry Pi. I've acquired the stuff, I just need the time to do it. And time is a premium.

There were some hiccups along the way. My first attempt was a fabulous disaster. I even switch plans and tried out an Nvidia Shield device. However, before I deployed that, I tried Raspberry Pi running Plex one more time. It worked great.

If you're not aware, the Raspberry Pi OS is a version of Linux. I haven't dealt with a Linux device in years. Years and years. I was rusty. I wasn't exactly proficient with Linux, but had run a Linux desktop for a while, and a Linux Web server once, but like I said, it's been a while. So I was very rusty, and wasn't exactly a power user, as I am with Windows and Mac OS.

But the Linux bug is back. I've set up some Linux virtual machines, taking up precious time, and think I do want to spend more time using Linux as a computer operating system, both desktop and laptop. Most of the older laptops I have don't have 1080 resolution; most are 768, which isn't what I prefer, particularly on a 15-inch laptop.

Anyway, I'd like to use a Linux laptop, but I'm not going to replace Windows on my Surface laptop. With none of my retired laptops up to speed, I'll delay a decision on that. For now, I'll use Linux in a virtual machine, or on a Raspberry Pi.

But I'm keeping my eyes, ears, and mind open to other ways to run Linux. I don't know that I could or even should switch my primary operating system, but then, I probably don't need to. I switch back and forth between Windows and Mac OS today. Adding Linux to the mix should be fine. Only my primary desktop is a Windows device, and my primary laptop is a Mac. And my primary travel device is a Chromebook. Where would Linux fit in?

It may not. My Streaming Life got me back in touch with Linux. I'm not ready to say "goodbye" to that old reliable OS again. Not just yet.

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