Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Switching live streaming services

If you're new to cord cutting, and you're having a hard time picking the right live streaming service, allow me to suggest that you don't let that slow you down. Why is that? Well, quite simply, it's easy to switch streaming services.

Unlike cable TV or satellite service where you have a long-term contract, your live streaming service is a month to month proposition. And, they offer free trials. Some only offer three days, some offer a week, and sometimes, you'll find longer trial periods.

Let me suggest that you not try multiple streaming service free trials at the same time. You may not have time to focus on more than one during the free trial period. So, I suggest you pick a service, do the free trial, and don't forget to cancel before the free trial ends.

Oh, about canceling the free trial, you need to be aware that the service may stop it immediately. After all, from their standpoint, they're letting you watch for free until you make a decision. Once you tell them "no" you've decided against them. You aren't entitled to the service any longer. That's not the same as canceling after subscribing and paying. In that situation, you've paid, and are entitled to the service to the end of the term. Not so on a free trial. Some services may let you keep using the free trial after you've canceled, up to the end of the free trial period, but if the service cuts you off immediately, don't fuss about it. You weren't paying for it, after all.

Once you've picked a service and begun paying for it, what if you decide you really don't like it. That's easy. Cancel and get another service. I'd suggest waiting until the end of the time you've paid to try a new service, but if you really want to go ahead and try a new service, go ahead. Do what's best for you.

The main thought, though, is unlike some places where you don't have several options for cable or satellite, you have a lot of streaming options. If you pay for, say, YouTube TV and decide it's not for you for reasons of cost, channel selection, interface, or any reason or no reason, it's easy to cancel and switch to another. And, you can try the new service free trial immediately. No scheduling a technician to come by between the hours of noon and 5 pm.

Switching live streaming services is quick and easy. It helps you get more control of the stuff you watch. And that's a good thing.

Of course, I'm always going to ask if you really need a live streaming service. Do consider whether or not you do. You might be surprised. But, if you want one, it's really easy to try them out and switch them out if the one you try doesn't work for you. Don't hesitate to switch services if you want. It will help you get control of and enjoy your Streaming Life.

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