Monday, January 9, 2023

Watching the college football national championship game

There are 42 college bowl games and playoff games this year. The bowl season kicked off December 16 and concludes with the national championship game tonight. In all, 82 schools have played games this post-season.

Streamers college football is a lot easier than it used to be -- legally that is -- and today you have many options options when it comes to watching the bowl games.

January 9, 2023

The national championship game is tonight. Top ranked Georgia and 3rd ranked Texas Christian are the two teams left in the playoffs and battle for the crown tonight.

Georgia claims three national championships, although the NCAA recognizes only two of the claims. Last year, Georgia won the CFP. In 1980, Georgia was recognized by the major polls. Georgia claims 1942 as well. Te final AP poll, before the bowls, had Ohio State number one and Georgia number two. However, Georgia was the east representative in the Rose Bowl and won that game, while Ohio State didn't go to a bowl. Several other polls proclaimed Georgia as number one, and the school recognizes it. The NCAA does not.

Texas Christian claims two national championships, although the NCAA recognizes only one. In 1938, AP ranked them as number one after the season, and the Horned Frogs won the Sugar Bowl. The school also claims 1935, in which they finished 12-1 including a win the the Sugar Bowl.

Officially, this will be either Georgia's third title, or Texas Christian's second.

National Championship Game
7:30 PM on ESPN

University of Georgia (1) (14-0)
Texas Christian University (13-1)

How to watch

To stream the game, you need one of the following service.


  • Sling Orange, $40/month.
  • Sling Orange+Blue, $55/month.
  • Vidgo Plus, $60/month.
  • YouTube TV, $65/month.
  • Fubo TV, $70/month.
  • Hulu+Live TV, $70.
  • DirecTV Stream Entertainment, $70/month.

If watching the college football national championship is something you want in your Streaming Life, you have plenty of options.

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