Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Dish going after pirate's house

Dish Network won a large lawsuit against a pirate TV service, and is trying to get the house of the pirate running the service.

Back in 2021, Dish sued Nitro TV, a pirate IPTV service, and won a $100-million judgement. After the banks complying with the judgement reported little of the money the pirates made, Dish decided to go for the service owner house. 

Torrent Freak reports that the pirate is fighting the seizure, citing a Texas law that protects homes:

In a motion to alter or amend the judgment "to prevent a clear error or manifest injustice," counsel for Alex Galindo explained that his client bought the house in Friendswood in March 2020 and declared it his home.

"The Texas Constitution provides special protections for the homestead separate and distinct from protections afforded other types of property," the motion reads.

"Because constitutional homestead rights protect citizens from losing their homes, statutes relating to homestead rights are liberally construed to protect the homestead."

DISH evidence linked 99% of the house purchase price to sales of illegal IPTV subscriptions. The company argued that homestead protection is not available when a property is purchased with wrongfully acquired funds.

It's unclear how this will shake out. But for a streamer, it's another reminder that IPTV services are often, and probably, illegal. Keep the out of your Streaming Life.

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