Sunday, January 22, 2023

TV Antenna scams

Back when I was a child, it was easy to watch TV using an antenna. I say that because, well, I was a child. I didn't have to deal with all the adult things. Everything was easier when I was a child. For me, that is.

Somewhere along the way, cable TV took over as the way to watch TV. Along with that way, many TV antennae came down and that technology was considered old technology, from the past. It was, but it wasn't dead technology.

Today, as cable TV use shrinks, more and more people are streaming, and are finding out that they can save money. I save money by not subscribing to a live TV streaming service -- essentially cable services delivered via streaming -- and a TV antenna helps.

But what about someone for whom a TV antenna is "new" technology? How do they navigate all the claims about a TV antenna and cheaply, freely, watch local TV? Well, Tablo, a quality OTA DVR has some suggestions:

Modern, quality antennas are designed to focus on today’s broadcast TV spectrum and limit interference from adjacent frequencies.

Older or lower quality antennas can still capture signals but may be less effective, so try to deal with reputable companies that specialize in TV antenna technology like Mohu, Antennas Direct, Winegard, and Antop.

Questionable TV Antenna Marketing

The more mainstream cord cutting gets the more TV antennas we’ve seen with wacky, and even all-out false claims on their packaging or in their marketing materials which can potentially lead consumers astray.

Avoid TV antennas with the following bogus claims...

It's a good article worth reading if you are looking to get a TV antenna. I'm glad I knew a little of this when I was shopping for mine. I certainly didn't know it all, because when I grew up, I didn't have to deal with it. My parent did, and then cable took over. But a TV antenna is an important part of my Streaming Life, and could be a part of yours.

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