Thursday, December 8, 2022

More cord cutters

So you're a cord cutter. Guess what? So are more and more people. That means you were in or cord cutting before others.

Well, unless of course you aren't a cord cutter, in which case ... why not?

But let's say you are. New data indicates more and more people are joining your ranks -- our ranks -- and dropping traditional pay TV.

Data released recently from Moffett Nathasson indicates that pay TV subscribers dropped by large numbers in the third quarter of this year by over 6%:

The drop in pay TV subs was slightly worse than the 6.2% slide seen in Q2 and the 5.2% decline seen a year ago in Q3 2022. 

MoffettNathan's definition of pay TV includes both traditional cable and satellite operators as well as newer vMVPDs like Fubo TV and YouTube TV. 

To put this in perspective, MoffettNathanson reported that the "Q3 loss of 655K subscribers is the largest third quarter loss ever; last year’s loss was…617K and the year before just 91K" in Q3 2020.

So, is this good news? Not for TV subscribers. That means higher fees for carrying local stations.

According to the report, that means smaller income from broadcast retransmission fees, which could translate into even higher fees for the remaining subscribers.

Recently, Comcast announced increases, and the vast majority was due to the broadcast fees. And this report indicates more could be coming to other pay TV services.

While broadcasters may view this as a trend reaffirming the value of their over-the-air broadcasts, it also promises to create some serious financial problems for stations, which in recent years have relied heavily on retransmission consent payments from pay TV providers.

BIA has predicted that subscriber fees from retransmission consent agreements will increase from $14.55 billion in 2022 to $17.37 billion in 2030, growth that will be difficult to maintain if the pay TV ecosystem continues to collapse.

But you're a cord cutter, right? These things don't impact you.

You are a cord cutter, right? Right?

If not, you may want to look into it. I cut the cord in early 2011, and have never once regretted it. My Streaming Life is good. You should try it.

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