Thursday, December 15, 2022

DirecTV Stream price increases

Starting in January, DirecTV Stream will cost more.

That's not totally unexpected, but it's never a welcome thing. There have been other price increases lately in live streaming services, and DirecTV Stream is simply the latest one.

So far, in 2022, there have been price increases by Vigo, Hulu+Live TV, Fubo, and DirecTV Stream. While this latest price increase won't take effect until January 22, 2023, their last increase was January 23, 2022, so DirecTV Stream did have a price increase this year, and this announcement is for next year.

So, what's the total cost going forward? Glad you asked. The Streamable has lists of the increase for the current plans, and for those still on one of the older DirecTV Now plans (yes, those grandfathered in get to share in the higher prices):


  • Entertainment: $74.99 a month (+$5)
  • Choice: $99.99 a month (+$10)
  • Ultimate: $109.99 a month (+$5)
  • Premier: $154.99 a month (+$5)

DIRECTV NOW Legacy Plans

  • Live a Little: $84.99 a month (+$5)
  • Just Right: $102.99 a month (+$8)
  • Go Big: $114.99 a month (+$10)
  • Go Big Early Adopter Plan: $89.99 (+$10)

Price increases are never good news. These days, they're never unexpected. And this is simply the latest.

I don't often use a live streaming service. When I cut the cord in 2011, they didn't have any live streaming services such as these, and I quickly adapted to finding content without any such service. And, when they were finally introduced, I tried them and found I was fine without spending the money. Which is a heckuva lot more money these days.

However, most newer streaming simply look to replicate cable when they transition to a Streaming Life. These services act like a streaming cable service, complete with price increases and everything.

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