Sunday, December 18, 2022

Xfinity Internet price hikes

About a month ago, we talked about Comcast TV price increases. We mentioned that it was expected that other services, including Xfinity Internet, would be going up in price as well.

There were details about the TV price hikes, mostly due to increased broadcast TV fees. That's the money you are charged to get local TV stations. These are stations you could get for free if you had an antenna. To be fair to Comcast, they have to pay to carry the stations, and they pass that along. They should simply include it in the base price. They quote you one price, then add on fees, in some cases of over $20, to the bottom line, making you pay more than they advertised.

While the focus of the report that we talked about was on cable TV price increases, there are also increases to Xfinity Internet.

I got my price increase notice yesterday. Mine is going up 6.1%.

Now, they didn't tell me that. Not exactly. They provided a link that I could use to find the document that had the price increase on it.

Simply put, if you look at the paper bill, or download the PDF of the bill, you'll find it on one of the latter pages. In my case, it's a $3/month increase. As my bill has been $49/month for Internet, that translates to a 6.1% increase in my Internet bill.

If you're an Xfinity Internet customer, you're Streaming Life just got a little more expensive. Mine by over 6%. I'm not happy about. But, I have to credit them for reliable service. I just don't like the idea of having to pay more for it.

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