Thursday, December 1, 2022

Roku Channel adds more channels

Last month, Roku announced that their free ad-supported television (FAST) service, Roku Channel, had added a number of new channels. I missed the announcement when it happened, but did get around to checking it out.

For the longest time, I wasn't impressed with Roku Channel. The idea of it at first was okay, but the implementation was lacking. It paled in comparison to Pluto TV.

Of course, the Pluto TV interface was buggy in the beginning. Specifically, the "Favorites" functionality didn't work. Once they fixed that, though, it became one of my favorite apps/services.

Roku Channel came along later, and took a bit to build up its content, but now it's a pretty darn good service. And it keeps getting better. A blog announcement from mid-November told about the 35 new channels they added:

We're bringing you endless content from your favorite food & lifestyle icons Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse with two all-new Roku owned channels, with library content as well as their Roku Original series.

We’re also bringing you a stacked lineup of all your favorite content from The Great British Baking Show universe. Gear up for our upcoming Roku Original special The Great American Baking Show Celebrity Holiday Special by streaming The Great British Baking Show, Celebrity Baking Show, Baking Show: An Extra Slice, and more on this all- new channel.

Plus, get a head start on your holiday shopping and learn about the latest steals and deals from fan-favorites QVC and HSN.

By my county, this brings the total of channels available on Roku Channel up to 383. Last time I counted Pluto TV, it was not that many. And, it's now kinda hard to count the number on Pluto TV, because the same channel will appear multiple times, each time with a different channel number.

I could be wrong, but I think Roku Channel has now passed Pluto TV in number of offerings. And if I am wrong, I'd be right in saying that the gap has been closed insofar as offering quality content. Both are excellent options for a FAST service. The only edge Pluto TV has is that it's available on more platforms. Roku Channel is available on Roku (of course) and Amazon Fire TV. I'm hoping it will become available on Apple TV and Google TV soon.

In the meantime, if you use Roku or Fire TV, you can use the free Roku Channel app and service to watch a lot of quality content. It's a worthwhile addition to your Streaming Life.

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