Monday, December 12, 2022

Paramount+ Essential Plan

Back in September, Walmart added a benefit to their Walmart+ subscribers. Included with that subscription is the Paramount+ Essential plan. That's the cheaper one that does not include local CBS, downloading content to mobile devices, and has ads. The Premium plan is ad-free (mostly), allows downloads, and includes local CBS stream.

I didn't try the service, mostly because I never got around to it. Okay, entirely because I never got around to it. But recently, I did. And I like it.

I don't normally use the local CBS feed, because I rarely watch live TV. Plus, an antenna means if I do watch local TV live, I don't need a streaming subscription that includes that.

Additionally, I don't download content to mobile devices, and I don't care if there are ads. All that adds up to me not needing the Premium service, and using the Essential service instead.

If you've followed this blog, you know that I only subscribe to one service at a time. Paramount+ was one of the services that I would include in that. Now, I don't need to. I have it year-round now. Well, as long as I decide to remain with Walmart+.

The service is fine. Paramount+ is a good service, and the commercials are not intrusive.

If I wasn't a Walmart+ subscriber, I would continue to have Paramount+ in my rotation of services. But, as I am a Walmart+ subscriber, I get the Essential plan, and enjoy it. I'm glad to have it in my Streaming Life.

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