Saturday, August 20, 2022

How most people feel about ads

I read an article last week that talked about a new survey on streaming viewers and their thoughts regarding ads.

I've said again and again that I'm fine with ads. I watch free ad-supported television (FAST) services. I watch free over the air -- meaning ad-supported -- television; the same TV that people have been watching for decades. I pay for the cheapest Hulu tier, which has ads. And I don't like ad blockers on Web browsers. So, no, I'm not bothered by ads.

But some people are. And they have every right to be. I may not agree with their assessment, but they're certainly entitled to their opinion. So, how to most people feel? Well, according to Infillion, not that much different than I feel about them.

Key findings include:

  • 73% of consumers feel the ads they see are repetitive
  • 67% of consumers prefer ad-supported streaming options to ad-free ones
  • 61% of consumers multitask during ad breaks when streaming content

This actually surprised me. Based on the complaints I read on some support Websites, many people really hate commercials. However, according to the survey, only 1/3 of people feel strongly enough to prefer ad-free services, which costs money. Two-thirds would put up with commercials to save money.

This tells me that the loud complainers are just loud, but a minority. And that maybe I'm not all that different from the average user.

I certainly agree that many ads seem repetitive. I prefer FAST to paid services. And I'll pull out the cell phone and check email or do something else when a commercial comes on. Unless, of course, the commercial gets my attention. Then, yes, I'll watch the commercial. So advertisers, it's up to you to keep my attention.

Ads are a part of my Streaming Life, and I'm okay with that. And so are most of you.

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