Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Another year, another Hulu price increase

Seems like it was around a year ago that Hulu increased their prices. The reason it seems that way is because it was that way. Last September, in fact, Hulu had a price increase.

I didn't complain too much about it because it wasn't a big increase, and Hulu hadn't increased in years. In fact, Hulu's last price change before that was actually a drop in the price of the basic tier. This time, though, we're not so lucky. Hulu's basic tier is going up from $7/month to $8/month, starting October 10, 2022. But, one Website offers some hope about the deals Hulu often offers:

It’s worth noting that customers usually can find a discount deal on Hulu’s standalone on-demand service at various points in the year. National Streaming Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have happened in the past. It may be worth monitoring those to see if a better price becomes available, at least temporarily.

The price increase is not that bad, considering how much everything else has gone up in the past two years, so I won't raise too much of a stink. I'll pay it, and not be happy about it, but that's about as far as it goes.

That that use the no-ads Hulu plan will pay $2/month more. And other plans owned by Disney are going up, too.

A new Disney+ ad-supported tier will be introduced in December for $8/month. That's the price of the current ad-free tier, which will then go up to $11/month.

I'm actually thinking about a new plan that is being introduced in December. That is Hulu and Disney+, both ad-supported, for $10/month, which seems like a really good price.

Price increases are never good, but I think that overall, it will have minimal effect on my Streaming Life. I may even expand it a little with the Hulu/Disney+ combo plan.

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