Thursday, August 4, 2022

Chromecast features worth considering

Google introduced the Chromecast device back in 2013. It's gone through some upgrades since then, including the newest version, introduced in 2020, Chromecast with Google TV.

The original Chromecast, and its successor, the 3rd generation Chromecast, was and is a basic dongle that works in conjunction with a mobile device for streaming content. It also allows casting of a browser tab from a Chrome browser.

The Chromecast with Google TV is all that, plus had an actual user interface and remote, like a full-fledged streaming device. And not just like a full-fledged streamer; it IS a full-fledged streamer.

I like bits about the Chromecast, though Roku remains my preferred streaming device. But, I certainly understand why some prefer Chromecast, or Chromecast with Google TV.

Recently, the Chromecast Blog listed 9 things about the Chromecast that make it worth considering as the streaming device of choice. At a high level, they are:

  • See who’s at your door.
  • Mirror your Android screen or Chrome tab to the big screen.
  • Show off your photos on a TV with Chromecast.
  • Cast your meetings to the big screen.
  • The control is yours with Chromecast.
  • Continue casting even when you leave the room.
  • Let your friends and family join in on the party with a shared queue.
  • Move your media from room to room.
  • Cast with Android, iOS or Chrome on PC and Mac.

On the Chromecast Blog, you can read more about why it just might be the streaming device of choice for you. If you have been thinking about Chromecast, particularly Chromecast with Google TV, you may find it's a good way to begin or improve your Streaming Life.

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