Wednesday, September 20, 2023

YouTube TV away from home

I tried something the other day that I hadn't tried in a while. I tried using YouTube TV away from home. And, I ran into a small issue.

Yeah, I know. I keep saying I don't use live TV streaming services, and here I am talking about YouTube TV. Well, I subscribe to a service that carries ESPN during football season. Usually, it's Sling TV, but right now, it's YouTube TV. I covered the reason for the change earlier. In a nutshell, local channels, which aren't available on Sling TV, are needed because of an antenna situation (or lack of antenna at the moment).

I usually spend weekends at another location. This location is outside my home area. I live in the Savannah area, but this other home is in the Jacksonville area. I have a Roku connected to a TV there, and when we're watching TV, we'll sometimes use it.

Normally, I don't use the YouTube TV app to watch ESPN. I'll use the account to authenticate ESPN service in the ESPN app and simply use that. However, there was a game on ABC that I wanted to check on. When I tried that, it told me I was outside my home area and needed to connect in my home area. What's happening is that YouTube TV recognizes that some people travel with a device, and they'll let them use the service, as long as they connected at home with it every so often.

Well, I hadn't done that, since I only just recently subscribed to YouTube TV. I hadn't connected from home with that device, since it stays at the weekend place.

What I'll have to do is take the device with me to the house, use it, then take it back on the weekend. I only use the device on the weekend, so this won't be a problem.

Oh, I was able to watch ABC anyway. There is no antenna at the weekend place, but there is an ABC app for Roku, and I was able to authenticate the service using the YouTube TV account, and watched in the ABC app.

I do ESPN that way anyway, since I only subscribed for ESPN. Well, until the antenna situation arose, and I needed a service with local channels. But, using the ABC app worked. I suppose I could do the same for the other networks as well. Or I could simply take the Roku to the house, use it, then take it back on the next weekend I'm at the weekend place.

My Streaming Life is usually pretty simple. I'm probably complicating it more than necessary, but I'm just wanting to watch a little TV. I get why they have the restrictions they have. They don't like password sharing between households. But, this is me using it at a weekend location. I'll play by the rules.

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