Sunday, September 10, 2023

Disney discounting Hulu+Live TV

There is a dispute between Disney and Spectrum right now. I'm not impacted, as Spectrum is not my Internet Service Provider. But, a lot of people are impacted.

Right now, Spectrum isn't carrying Disney channels, to include ESPN. That's right, a cable service without ESPN. Spectrum seems to be holding the line, and Disney seems to be holding the line. This could go on a while.

It'll probably end with Disney getting its way, or mostly getting its way, and then Spectrum raising prices to pay for the new Disney agreement. I say probably, because Spectrum may not give in. I wouldn't really be shocked to see Spectrum reach an long term agreement with a streaming service for customers. Right now, they're working with YouTube TV and Fubo TV to help customers get ESPN and other Disney-owned channels.

Maybe Spectrum will decide it's not worth the hassle and get out of the TV business altogether, and focus on broadband Internet.

Disney is doing its thing too. They're offering a discount to Hulu+Live TV for the next three months. It's $50/month for the next three months. Long enough to get you through football season, as it turns out.

The only catch is you must not have been a Hulu customer for the past 30 days. I have a Hulu account, subscribing to standard Hulu ($8/month). Even though I've not used Hulu+Live TV for a long long time, I'm still a current Hulu customer, and not eligible. Bummer. That would be a cheaper way to get ESPN than YouTube TV.

My Streaming Life doesn't normally involve these live streaming services. I only use them during college football season, to get ESPN. This is what's going on now, and I'm going to enjoy the games. But I'm going to enjoy not paying those high prices for a bunch of channels I won't watch.

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