Sunday, September 3, 2023

It looks like YouTube TV this year, not Sling TV

Each year, since Sling TV launched, I've subscribed to the service during college football season. I don't use a "streaming cable" service during the year, but I do want to be able to watch ESPN for college football games.

Normally, what I do is wait until the first game I want to watch is about to kick off, then subscribe to Sling TV for 30 days. That covers five weekends of college football. I normally cancel at the end of the subscription, and wait until the next game I want to watch is ready to kickoff, then subscribe again for 30 days, which covers five more weekends of football.

I repeat this throughout the season, and am able to watch the full season, which 15 weeks covers, for three 30-day subscriptions. This year, the plan was:

  1. August 26, which covers through September 24.
  2. September 30, which covers through October 29.
  3. November 4, which covers through December 3.

That's the full season. When the bowls start, a fourth 30-day subscription would cover all the bowls.

This year, things will be a little different. I didn't actually watch any games last weekend, or so far this weekend. I had other things going on. Sling TV wasn't needed. And unless something drastic happens, I won't be subscribing to Sling TV this year.

You see, I sold my interest in my mother's house, and left them the antenna. I no longer have antenna access. Long story, but briefly, I bought that antenna, and used Tablo to watch it over the Internet at my house. That's no longer happening, so until I put up my own antenna, I don't get local channels.

Well, I can get local NBC and CBS via Peacock TV and Paramount Plus, if I so choose. But that leaves ABC and Fox, both of which will carry games.

Sling TV doesn't carry ABC or Fox -- in most places; they do in a very few select places, but not here -- so while that service would get me ESPN and other sports networks, it would not get me the local stations, which I won't get until I get off my butt and put up an antenna.

So, for the start of the college football season, I'm not going to subscribe to Sling TV. I'm going with YouTube TV. That's $33 more than I should be spending, but it's my own fault for being lazy.

If I put up the antenna within the next 30 days, then I'll pick up with Sling TV on September 30. If I don't, then YouTube TV will be the service that follows that schedule.

My Streaming Life will have college football. I want the cheapest way to include the games. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd be $33 richer.

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