Friday, September 29, 2023

Legacy Tablo will continue to support Tablo Connect

Recently, I've been concerned about changes to Tablo. The new generation Tablo device doesn't support Tablo Connect. That's held me up from trying one of them.

I have used Tablo Connect a lot. I put up an antenna at my mother's house, and used that to watch TV at my house. I live about 2 miles from her house.

After she passed away, my sisters and I who owned the house and adjoining property, swapped some stuff, and I now no longer have any ownership of the house. I didn't take my antenna with me, and now I no longer have an antenna. They don't mind if I use the antenna, but they rented the house to others, and I've stopped using Tablo Connect.

I plan to put up an antenna at my house, and like the idea of being able to watch via Tablo Connect from another location. The new Tablo devices don't support that.

To add to that, the older devices will get the firmware update at some time in the future. I've been worried that I'd lose Tablo Connect functionality, even if I kept my old equipment. Turns out that's not happening.

Tablo clarified in a blog post recently that Tablo Connect will continue to be supported:

While nothing is changing for existing Tablo customers now, legacy network-connected Tablo devices ... will be able to use these fully redesigned Tablo apps after a firmware update coming later this year.

The firmware update won’t disable access to current features like Tablo Connect through legacy Tablo apps, so [legacy users] will still be able to use his Tablo as he does now.

The firmware update will simply give current Tablo customers with legacy network-connected devices the opportunity to try out the new app experience and switch to it if they like it.

That's good news. While the new hardware won't support Tablo Connect, the new software will. My Streaming Life misses Tablo Connect for now, but will again have that functionality. Once I put up a new antenna, that is.

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