Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Prime time?

Prime time cable viewing is down. Way down. How far?

According to an analysis on Cord Cutters News, the numbers, while in the millions, are relatively small considering how many people there are in the USA:

So far in May, the top ten networks are showing dwindling primetime viewership reports with only the top four networks reaching audiences in the millions, which is staggeringly low in a country with a population of well over 334 million citizens. TNT totaled 3.2 million viewers, followed by ESPN with 2.4 million, Fox News with 1.4 million, and MSNBC with 1.1 million. 

The remaining six networks didn’t even break 1 million viewers. HGTV reported 773,000 viewers, INSP had 727,000, TBS averaged 722,000, History had 690,000, TLC’s total was 617,000, and USA Network barely got over half a million viewers at 583,000.

I haven't watch prime time TV in years. Well, that's not exactly true, but it is sort of true.

I got a TiVo device back in 2006, and rarely watched anything live from that day forward. TiVo allowed me to watch TV shows when I wanted. It made "on-demand" TV watching easy.

When I started streaming full time in late 2010, I was already watching stuff on-demand (recordings) so using Hulu or purchasing TV seasons wasn't really that different.

It appears that many others aren't watching prime time TV either. It isn't something I have thought about in years, since it's been around 17 years since I stopped watching live prime time TV exclusively. My Streaming Life has continued to keep the entire concept of prime time TV watching out of my mind. I simply watch shows that seem interesting, and when it comes on doesn't enter into my thought process at all. It's liberating.

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