Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Too many services?

I was talking with someone the other day about the number of apps I have on my streaming devices. That's when it really hit me that I have over 50 on my Roku, but less than half that on my Chromecast device.

Why is that?

Well, I started my streaming with Roku back in 2010. I was excited by the apps that were available, and added apps to find content to watch. Keep in mind that there were not nearly as many apps available then as there are now. Everything was new. Everything was different. I added a lot of apps, which is something that many new streamers did, and do.

Anyway, I added a lot of apps, and when I upgraded Roku devices, the apps on the account were added to the devices. I would go through my Roku apps from time to time in order to cull those I never watched. I always left more than I should have. I still have over 50 on my Roku devices.

Lately, I've used Google TV devices -- Chromecast, Walmart Onn, and so forth -- more than Roku. They were bare to begin, and only included apps as I added them. On my oldest Google TV devices, I have less than half as many as on my Roku.

I should remove most of the apps from my Roku device, and maybe I will. Maybe.

My Streaming Life doesn't utilize that many apps, when I actually sit down and think about it. My devices should more accurately reflect that.

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